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tv   The Widows Sanctuary  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2018 4:00am-4:59am +03

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the voting process is still ongoing about this expected to arrive here in the next hour or so and earlier today he said that he was hoping and he was expecting to make it to a second round and you already started calling on two center left candidates in this election like me and my nephew in order to support him in the run and then the run up that could happen on october twentieth people here in a way are cold cool hopeful that they will make it to a second round but also those results of fear and also fear because many of the workers party voters have gained in many many benefits when the workers' party while they were in office well they were afraid that they could lose some of those benefits is a person like. medics that took power also everyone here has reminded of the day it's been six months since former president all of us feel about have been detained he has not been allowed to vote according to brazilian legislation and that he's very very angry because he played
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a crucial role in this whole campaign. and we've seen a great deal of activity on social media with candidates taking their campaigns online how what impact is that. well this campaign has been filled with activity on social media with fake news among other things on election day was not an exception it started with some videos going around where you could see a person voting to provoke don't putting in the number seventeen using a weapon and that's a video that's been circulating but all to some videos where both went out of supporters were saying that they were going to vote and that when they punched him a number on the electronic voting machine that number wouldn't come out that there's been lots of concerns that there could be brought on going on or that's what bolton out of supporters were saying however that video has been discredited by local media they're saying that it's being are circulating to be a count of one of boys or not all sons started to circulate this video and also the
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election attribute has said that there's been no concerns about the possibility of fraud in the three election let's not forget and what worries many at least in this headquarters is that when i never said that you would all we recognize this election if he wins so they fear that there might be an attempt to discredit this whole election process all right thank you very much for us in that sound paolo. just an update now on the developing story interpol says it's received the resignation of its chief men hallway effective immediately may have been reported missing by family after he flew to china last month china says mang is under investigation for unspecified violations of the law interpol says kim jong young of south korea will be acting president until a new head is elected in november. much more still ahead for you including cameron's longtime leader states and now the time in office that can he cling to
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power when parts of the country are undergoing a separatist rebellion and the u.s. secretary of state my pump aoa north korea's kim jong un agreed to arrange a second summit as soon as possible as denuclearization efforts continue. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well in quite nice over here across parts of eastern europe where we are seeing some of the weather and some of the problems over here towards the west and also down here to the southwest we have an area low pressure that has come down through parts of france it is going to be parking itself across parts of the mediterranean as we go towards monday with heavy rain showers across many coastal areas there up to the north person quite nice little bit cooler eighteen degrees there and as we go towards tuesday it is going to be warming up to about twenty two degrees and most of the clouds across
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the u.k. will be up towards scotland we do expect to see some rain probably coming in by mid week well that same air of low pressure that is coming into the med is also going to bring some rain showers here across coastal parts of algeria over the next few days we're going to be watching that very carefully for the potential of flooding across that area but as we go towards tuesday we're going to see mostly cloudy conditions for a jury but also over here towards parts of morocco as well as maybe some lingering showers passing across parts of libya there to twenty eight degrees tunis at twenty nine and algiers we do expect to see a temperature few of twenty three degrees there there very quickly across central parts of africa we are going to see heavy rain showers here across lego's with attempt a few of twenty eight in accra a temperature of twenty nine. it's been described as a billion pineiro. rubbing against the all around the womb suffer
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from to come in droves of black. each year because you rush we were. always told al-jazeera travels to africa and it's inspiring individuals who are fighting to eliminate these ideas and since my flying it's the end in sight. on al-jazeera. a come back a quick look at the top stories now turkey's president says he'll await the results of an investigation into the disappearance of a saudi journalist in istanbul government sources claim jamal khashoggi was
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murdered after visiting the saudi called see that choose day. farai candidate polson r.-o. is poised to take the most votes in the first round of brazil's presidential election a tough on crime politician leads his main rival by fourteen points in the polls as voting rolls to a close. and interpol says it's received the resignation of its chief man hallway effective immediately mang had been reported missing by his family off the flu to china last month. polls have closed in bosnia and herzegovina are off to a day of voting in what's being called a divisive election campaign country has ruled through a complex power sharing system involving three presidents and two regional parliament split along ethnic lines it's the legacy of a peace deal following the balkans war in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed more than one hundred thousand people attention remains between. ethnic groups and unemployment is high. well now david
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is live for us in sarajevo and as we've been saying the polls have now closed what's the latest information you're hearing david. well we've just had some details from the the electoral commission here at the bosnian parliamentary assembly they say the turnout was fifty three point two six percent now that compares to fifty point one percent during the last elections now we haven't had the breakdown of where those percentages were higher or lower yet but as i was saying to you earlier it does appear that miller dick who is of course the serbian candidate for the presidency has managed to get more voters out in republika srpska the main serbian entity here and we'll have to find out exactly how much those figures differed but if it is the case that there are many more voters
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appearing in republika srpska it would mean that he's got a much greater chance of being elected to the tripartite presidency where they all swapped their jobs over eight months or cart bosniak and a serb so if he does get in that would be an extraordinary sulk too early to say mariam because we haven't had the real breakdown of the figures the electoral commission did say that the elections were free and fair which of course against everything the monitoring groups were saying they were saying it was a chaotic situation the number of regularities at a critical high that there were many cases of bribe being an intimidation and many other observers have said that in some places it was effectively a threat to to the voters that they would lose their jobs they would lose their pensions unless they voted in the correct way we'll have to wait for analysis on that but at the moment it does seems we're still waiting for the the actual results
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but on the turnout when we get the full details it does appear that perhaps. is breaking through in the presidential race but. as i say it's still too early to say we have to wait and see what the electoral commission do say but that could be very bad news because the serbian leader in the serbian and entity of republika srpska more or less campaigned on very divisive lines he was she saying that he supported the heritage of the convicted war criminal. carthage and she said that he wanted to see the independence of the republic and that means that he was standing for the presidential position one of the three presidential positions in a country that he wants to divide so that will not be very good news a tool for the future is up with the voters wanted i very much touted as you were
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saying they wanted some action taking taken on unemployment a forty percent for the young people here twenty thousand people over the last two years have actually left these were the issues that most of the voters want to discuss unfortunately they were the issues were at the forefront of this campaign it was in fact the ethnic divide yes it is you say david a critical election physick country for the people that thank you very much david chase there in sarajevo where polls have closed well now new satellite imagery from indonesia reveals the speed and the extent of the damage caused by last friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami the video released by the national disaster management agency shows liquefied soil sweeping away hundreds of homes in the potential neighborhood of palu another seventeen hundred houses were destroyed in nearby with some sinking up to twenty feet underground well indonesia's disaster relief spokesman says up to five thousand people might still be missing after the
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disaster when hey is that a damaged hospital in polish city wealth or she's a worried about the risk of disease. this gives you some sense of what the medical workers faced on the evening of the earthquake and tsunami this is one of the largest hospitals and palu city and even though it is partially operational around one side with around ten percent of the staff reporting for work here it is pretty much completely collapsed there are thought to be around thirty people still missing in there including staff from the hospital and also patients so many bodies that still haven't been recovered right around the affected areas which is now creating health concerns for the recovery workers because many of the bodies are now in a badly decomposed state they're not necessarily coming out completely intact so potentially the recovery workers are being exposed to things like to be a kilo says and cholera the other big health concern is that so many people are homeless more than sixty thousand the government says right now many of them
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sleeping out in the open in camps with very poor sanitation so we're starting to see an increase in things like diarrhea and skin rashes so while the recovery operation continues an attempt to start to clean away some of the rubble we're now starting to see more of a concern about potential health problems well now to cameroon where piles of clothes in the country seven the presidential election since independence in one nine hundred sixty three armed men were killed by security forces in the english speaking northwest region where the election has been overshadowed by separatist uprising. and has more now from the capital yond. voters in young india were eager for the opportunity when the presidential election polls opened it was quite small just came five minutes. check my name on the board. read it and then i came in one thousand. different names of course and put my
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ballot is in the. will give those saw over to you isn't your typical. during. africa's oldest president eighty five year old paul vi is seeking a seventh term in office determined to stop that are seven opposition candidates some alleged voting irregularities even before polls closed. scandalised as in this polling station the number of ballots just not much to look to a list this is nonsense people are having fun with this country peace and security people are dying in the north west in the southwest it's not a small matter some weren't able to vote at all because of fighting in western cameroon english speakers there who make up twenty percent of the population accuse the french dominated government of marginalization and some have taken up arms their fight for independence has displaced more than two hundred thousand people through separatist fighters were killed in gun battles on voting day observers say
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the independence crisis may affect the election results. come in this in q two because we were awarded first we thought with everything we've been hearing from the anger from regions people would not go to vote but according to all observers the people have gotten out to vote but let's not be mistaken for the people competent to siesta because of the security issues the electoral commission l.a. county said less than half of the thirteen million eligible voters have registered to vote voters who have caused their ballots they will have to wait for a week maybe more to know if their candidate is their new president some opposition candidates have declared victory even before polls had opened something with the electoral commission said was illegal the results will either see the reelection of president paul be a for another seven years or cameron's third president since independence from france fifty eight years ago he morgan al-jazeera young day. well the u.s. and north korea have agreed to hold
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a second summit between president trunk and kim jong un this after u.s. secretary of state my pompei we're told from discussions with kim in pyongyang at the last meeting with him said he would work towards denuclearization the two countries are yet to agree on how to put that into action. good to see six six six. six. four so that's. all the biggest fight in the history of the ultimate fighting championship has been overshadowed by a massive brawl in last legace it was a dark night in a sport which has struggled to win mainstream acceptance for twenty five years david stokes has the story was it was supposed to be the greatest night in u.f.c. history but turned into one of the ugliest seconds after beating khana mcgregor had be. let out of the cage and then into the last vegas crowd.
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i the russian fighter was trying to get to one of the greatest sparring partners and in doing so started a riot while that brawl unfolded outside the octagon another one began inside it as two men from habib's camp attacked the defeated mcgregor. i both fighters were eventually a school to back to their dressing rooms happy was not awarded his belt in the ring and could still be stripped of his title altogether pending an investigation by the state of nevada they are withholding habib's purse they are not withholding car mcgregor's they looked at the footage and felt there was no need to hold his withhold his personal the game has and they're there keeping the beeb's cheering the fight had beached performance had been almost perfect mcgregor the biggest star the u.f.c. has ever produced made to look ordinary by a man who's now unbeaten in all twenty seven of his fights had babe who is a devout muslim apologized for his behavior but argued that mcgregor had
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a lot to answer for to be dogged by my religion to talk about my content to talk about my father he counted broken and he broke boston he almost killed couple people there's the. incident happy was referring to happened back in april macgregor through a metal charlie at a bus carrying hep b. two people were injured but he managed to avoid jail time by taking a plea deal i just want to say i'm telling both to the d.a. and the judge for allow me to move forward after that it wasn't long before the fight was made and since then the build up has been bad tempered and often unpleasant let's take. one of the journalists who was ringside in vegas told al jazeera that the u.f.c. may have to change the way it promotes fights in the future i think there's a lesson for everybody to be learned. that some of these things you say it's not just about by most you know it runs deeper than that when you start start getting
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into religion in beliefs and cultures and races and things long island you have to be very very careful when you trade there because it's more than a fight at that point mcgregor says he doesn't want to press charges against the man who attacked him in fact he tweeted that he's looking forward to a rematch but given how this one's turned out there's certainly no guarantee that will ever happen david stokes al-jazeera well as more on everything we're covering here al-jazeera dot com is the address. at the top stories now. president says he'll await the results of an investigation into the disappearance of a saudi channelised in istanbul government sources claim jamal khashoggi was murdered after visiting the consulate in the city it written numerous articles
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criticizing the sound a conference one hundred ten salon. that said for us to see such an incident taking place in my country mr jamal is an old friend of mine that's why my expectation is still in good faith i wish we don't come up against a situation that we don't desire or do believe that the defenders of freedom and freedom of opinion in our country will follow this matter as president of turkey i will follow this closely and i will announce the results no matter what to the world. and our other top stories farai candidate tailbone scenario is poised to take the most votes in the first round of brazil's presidential election a tough on crime politician leads his main rival by fourteen points in the polls as voting draws to a close. interpol says it's received the resignation of its chief men who are way affected immediately maying had been reported missing by his family after he flew to china last month china says maine is under investigation for unspecified violations of the law interpol says kim jong young of south korea will be acting
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president and a new head will be elected in november. new satellite imagery from indonesia reveals the speed and the extent of the damage caused by last friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami the video released by the national disaster management agency shows liquefied soil sweeping away hundreds of homes in the but in a bit of pile of another seven hundred houses were destroyed in nearby. where polls have closed in bosnia and herzegovina marking the end of a divisive election campaign country's route through a complex power sharing system involving three presidents split between the main three ethnicities of serbs bosniaks and croats early results are expected within hours. also in cameroon voting there is come to an end where people are choosing the country's next president the incumbent president paul beer is seeking a seventh term in office after thirty six years in power. coming up next talk to
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al-jazeera more news after that in about twenty five minutes time. the world moved. to move. in an unprecedented move against a member state the european parliament has triggered article seven of the e use governing treaty meant to protect its core principles human dignity freedom democracy equality the rule of law and respect for human rights including the rights of persons belonging to minorities the e.u.
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accuses the hung garion government led by the prime minister viktor orban of breaching those values by passing anti refugee laws manipulating the media disregarding government corruption and removing independent judges budapest annoys the accusations and defends its policies but with european parliament elections take place in may next year could the divisions that have been exposed lead to political change across the e.u. we find out as p. to see otto hung garion foreign minister talks to al-jazeera. foreign minister of hungary thank you for talking to al-jazeera again it's while since we spoke to you last your country is facing proceedings never before invoked in the european union it's cold seven and it's because a country is breaching the core values of the e.u.
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that's what they call to decide all now or all some other stuff like that with the e.u. still signed up to those. core european values of course we are and we are not while letting them. the report which was pushed through the european parliament voted yes i read it i read it unlike some of the people who are speaking about it but i read it from the very beginning to the very end and that it has a list of sixty nine sixty nine point six to nine accusations against hungary out of each thirteen points have been totally agreed upon by the government and the european commission agreed upon. about nineteen points there are negotiations going on between the commission and the hungary and government as it is normally the procedure in the european union and there are says thirty seven points which are
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qualified lies i mean i i went through all of them because they represented the government twice on the committee meetings which prepared the plan that you had your chance to make your case yeah i pray to the european parliament made a comment four hundred forty eight millions voted against you just one thousand seven voted for yeah and you know here's a cheating because you just read this you don't read abstentions forty eight yet and and this is the key issue here normally according to european contracts the way decisions are being made by the european parliament is the following you have the yes votes and on the other side you have the no votes and the abstentions and for some reason this case our leaders of european parliament made the decision to leave the votes of abstentions out of consideration if you add the abstentions this resolution is not best but obviously the rules of the european parliament are that you don't the abstentions otherwise so you go you do that's that's that's actually
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why it was cheating because you do at the abstentions just look at the treaty very right only overly political parties in the european parliament were guilty of cheating it was a cheating perhaps we should widen this because this is part of a big discussion i think going on in europe and going on in the world about the way the world should be governed and it's come up in the recent u.n. general assembly in new york very different visions given for example by the french president emmanuel mccall and the u.s. president donald trump he's talking about a series of powerful sovereign nations and going against global governance whereas the french president is talking about keeping up multilateralism which side are you on. well actually we always take hungary on site so i had a lie this simplifications where there are i'm pro-american or pro french because i'm pro hungary on but i can tell you is that there are many points in the foreign
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policy of the donald trump which i respect a lot first of all we do respect that that he respects silver anything he respects strong states he respects countries sticking to their identity they are culture they are a heritage. you know when when when when the french president speaks about multilateralism and i look at these european policies i am a little bit concerned because the the measures he would like to see in the european union would be rather unfavorable for hungary and comes with tax her own eyes a showdown and all of this kind of stuff you know and migration are absolutely on two different sides the president and his vision about europe when it comes to migration when it comes to social issues when it comes to taxation when it comes to economic issues is totally totally showing to another direction compared to our
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vision about the future of your let's explore this a little further i'm just going to read you a quote from president micros address to the general assembly nationalism always leads to defeat if courage is lacking in the defense of fundamental principles international order becomes fragile and this can lead us as we already seen twice to global war what do you make of that. i don't want to commend the virtues of the french president because they speak for themselves but it's about nationalism is national go to good or bad thing but what does nationalism mean in this regard i mean i don't know what he was speaking about because i don't know his fortes what i can tell you is that we are under accusations in europe many times of being nationalistic. now the thing is the following we are a country which never will give up the right to make the decision about the future of hungary on our own we will never give up the right to
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make a decision on our own between we would like to live together in our country and even never give up the right to decide about whom we would like to enter whom we would like to let and third territory of our country and whom we don't. reveal all these be a nation of freedom fighters we don't like call on the elisa i'm sometimes on the french foreign minister a french president speaks about hungary they speak as if we were a colony of them so i think a mutual respect mutual respect it is what is lacking. from the global for a global set of foreign policy is currently but you have agreed to a form of mutual government for some things that is what the european union is some areas yeah decided at the european level yeah that's right that's right we are part of european union meaning that part of our super nifty. we practiced together with the european union no problem with that the problem is with intentions to change the treaties which direct the operation of the european union change of the
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treaties in a democratic way there are some intentions for that and this is something that we reject we fing that european union needs to undergo some reforms because obviously if you look at the performance of the european union you see that the competitiveness is is versioning no question and in order to become again competitive in the in order to be able to be successful in this global race of economy and trade we have to make some changes this is what we understand and there is a debate now within the e.u. we do good reason by the way because there are at least five to manders history type of challenges ahead was like migration like the threat of terror and there just security of war in ukraine so it's obvious it's obvious that we have debate about these issues because eventually we have debate about the future of europe if not now then their historic challenges so i don't think that having a debate within the e.u. about the future would be bad news bad news is that the democratic right of taking
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part in this question's is kind of supposed to be taken away from some countries which do not represent the mainstream that's that's a problem that's very anti democracy let me take you back to april and the election you had a very successful result yes record turnout seventy percent of the people showed up and we received forty nine point six percent of the world so it means for continuous election for a continuous constitutional majority in the parliament so you can change the constitution again change what you want you want to if you want to tell me was it a free and fair election of course there was an election mission from the o. s. c.e. that produced a pretty damning report it said there was intimidating and xenophobia rhetoric media bias and opaque campaign finance. but i mean just simply not true simply not true there was free and fair elections you know furred continuous time we won a constitutional majority. these allegations are just being serious to restore it
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to say that if you had been to hungary at that than you would have been able to say that this is nonsense but this was a monitoring mission from a respected body yes yeah but i say it's nonsense what about the claims that the public television clearly favored your party and that there was a government information campaign that went out two weeks before the poll that was against migration and matched one of the main themes of your party's platform it's all over the world that governments run. information companies about the most important issues when the most important issue for your party which you want to get elected on this is the most important issue in hungary currently if it was not the most important issue then we wouldn't have received forty nine point six percent of the votes in the country and i'm telling you what it migration was not. the most important issue all in hungary if you look at the last five national elections in
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europe you know there was it only austria slovenia hungary and then sweden in all in all countries migration was the number one topic during elections with a good reason by the way because this is something that bothers a people in europe with a good reason because people christian political correctness i have been all around this debate and it a good reason because i think people really want honest and straightforward speeches in this industry god so and if you see the results in hungary instilled in the in austria injure in in italy in all four cases those parties have gained the most roads which we have a credible program how to how to. how to protect the security of the country how to protect the security of the citizens of the given country clearly one issue is media freedom it came up in that report do you already quoted you said it read it
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from beginning to end in terms of the media in hungary most of the media is friendly to your government. it's not true look at the internet i mean come on i understand hungary a language is very difficult so foreigners can be misled very easily by saying such kind of lies but if you can speak hungary i'm and if you look at the internet i mean you will hardly find hard to find government friendly our web pages the most the most viewed or most watched or most read internet the web page is very heavily . critical of hostile whatever to the government when it comes to television when it comes to television the most you television is heavily heavily hostile that's r.t.l. yeah heavily hostile so what are we speaking about you know these are these are against perceptions that that freedom of speech freedom of gathering arrest family
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is being violated no it's not you know not only the european union but the united nations put together some reports saying that freedom of assembly is taken away from hungary and people i went to see the commissioner i sat. to the table beater and said look i came here because there is a very serious issue you wrote in your report that in hungary freedom of assembly is taken away from the people could you please tell me what case you are referring to and she had no clue she said that you know i just came two days before this report was issued and and idea that it was a staff to put together but come on you know this is this is very very irresponsible they have behavior uses the same thing about the us see no say about the european commission is this some conspiracy against you i don't know whether it's conspiracy but these are lies i don't know whether they do it to get there or not but you know it's a very serious because you see it here many people watch this program and thank you for invitation because i can explain and then then such kind of things are said
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about hungary that there is no freedom of media and then i ask please tell me what journalists what media outlets have been under torture or have to suffer have has anyone applied censorship it's about ownership as you teach and whether there is no news of friends of the prime minister well we can go back to communism and say that private ownership is not allowed in media but do we really want to do so ok let me raise i don't want to have the story just what happens if a private owner sells. a newspaper for example is at the fourth of the government or i tell you what there was a daily newspaper which was partly owned by the socialist party no one had a problem being that no one raised the issue at how it is possible that the leftist party partly owns a daily paper you know isn't it interesting that whenever a left or liberal parties are involved there no one raises this question it's so we book it so double standard and so ridiculous that i'm going to raise another area
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which is the judiciary and this time i'm going to raise something that was a report from hungary from the national judicial council in may it casts doubt on the autonomy of the garion judiciary adept damning in the analysis about the way that the senior judges have been hired and the role of hand. who is a long time friend of your prime minister yes and so the problem is well the problem it will create problem in the problem is that judges aren't being fairly selected what do you mean under judges who are who are favorable to the government to being selected was the suggestion in this report but who are de judges judges who sit i don't know on crew criminal case and the judges who have been selected because of their friendship or not friendship to the government there
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are many rulings on the courts which we ball like but as an as an individual citizen i think i have the right to like or dislike a court decisions as a politician i cannot comment because then i would harm or while late the independence of judiciary but i don't know about any judges who would have gained positions just because being funded to government. if you reject that allegation even though it came from the main group of hungary and judges there's a big debate about the reform of the judicial system within the judicial system so this is not a debate between government and judges this is a professional debate reading the judicial system getting back to the issue of migration that you've had so much criticism on in fact our first interview was in twenty fifteen at the height of the of the migration crisis and you had some very tough questions there then since then you've basically given up letting people into
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hungary isn't that right we do not allow any illegal migrants to the territory of the country what about refugees we have a field of the green border so the only way you can enter the third tour of the country is a legal way so go there to be a border crossing point to show your travel documentation and you can come in and then what about your if you are a refugee but how can you come how can you be a refugee if you if you are surrounded by peaceful countries well sometimes countries fallen to here to let refugees in what do you mean they take refugees as a part of research my program yes but my question i'm not taking any warning you're not allowed to get on it no we don't want to take part in that i can tell you something. those people who arrived to hungary and those four hundred thousand about which you know we've spoken to for some fifteen years but it was in the height under and they were coming through country diego yes they they came through at least five peaceful countries so my question is. whether anyone could show me can't because they approved that if anyone could show me any point in international
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regulations which would say that you have a right to wake up in the morning because controvert you would like to live in any norah to get there while it's your ease of borders it's not a human right the human right is that you are in trouble you have to you are forced to leave your home you go to the first safe place where you going to be taken care of but it's not written anywhere that you are allowed to lade the border between two peaceful countries because you want to get through know those people who came to us came from turkey greece must donya sometimes bog area serbia croatia five six safe countries my question is how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries my question is about refugees who need to find somewhere to live and the european union has come up with ideas to spread them around europe right now or as i understand it from the latest statistics i can find you have ten million people in your country and three
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thousand five hundred fifty five refugees living enough agree you're not taking your fair share there are people who are fleeing the war they're fleeing famine don't some of them isn't it fair for you to take in some we are taking part in the burden sharing because respond already more than a billion euros on protecting the sort of the border of the european union this is number one number two we have launched a program which is called hungary helps we are spending millions of euros on helping the community is in the middle east. because you know when when the bishops come to us the christian bishops come to us from the middle east they always ask us please do not help our people to leave the area because our communities will be eliminated please help us to be able to return and please help us to be able to get stronger to you know what you said on bishops you know you only have been helping christians we have a special program to help christians and we are not muslims. we are
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a christian country we feel responsible for the for the christian people and says there are no other no other targeted program for the christians we do it so what we do is the following we have rebuilt religious for the christians their day used to be a living for centuries and they were forced to leave. villages where they can return we are building schools there are covering expenditures of hospitals are building cultural institutions we are giving hundred scholarships every year fully find his way to hungary and state to be able to get more to be able to be more competent more competitive how can you say that we don't take the fair share what about corruption transparency international puts you below montenegro on its list of corruption montenegro can't get into the e.u. because it's too corrupt what do you make of some allegations for example the your prime ministers used public funds and channel e.u.
4:42 am
funds to lake palatal to two areas where he has close friends and relatives with properties that's as being a ridiculous number and ridiculous through are to accuse the prime minister of in such kind of issues number two is being ridiculous he's not be all he's not in on the accusation is the anyone could be guilty of something but this trip. but it's. it's a lie that the montenegro is not a member of european union because of because of corruption is not true that's simply a lie and it's a simply a lie that the prime minister uses probably funds for a private reasons it's not. and so i have to say i have to reject that and it's and it's a really a scandal that such kind of things can be said to be honest and these are the sort of a lot of consequences that these are these are the sort of allegations that are out there some of these things are in that report that went to the european parliament what happens next because clearly there's a procedure in europe what are you going to do next well you know in this case the
4:43 am
general affairs council which is the body of the ministers responsible for europe integration of the member states comes together and based on the viel of the presidency which is now austria. they're going to have hearings one or two hours three incidentally is run by a conservative government that is in the same european peoples party as you one there and and and they didn't back you one vote one party of them one party of them as a member of the open people's party. then but they didn't back you that's important in the party of the chancellor. so well you must be disappointed you know i understood that friendship and politics must not be computers anymore but anyway so . one or two hearings and then afterwards the real be put on the agenda of the council itself you know the gathering of the heads of state and government of the european union and there you name a decision must be made if if any sanctions will be applied and i've got other
4:44 am
people on your side of course we do the polish and the czech prime polish government and czech prime minister made it very clear that they would veto any kind of sanctions against hungary we are not the only country against which this this procedure is going on because the similar kind of procedure has been going on against poland but this it's much it's in a much more advanced face let's with this way because it has been started as far as i remember last year already and we made it very clear that he would veto any kind of sanctions against the boers because because the the critics some pause are just being ridiculous i mean that's on the reform of judiciary and i i'm not british sure that all those who put these allegations on the polish have read. the new laws and understood the reform procedure i spent a lot of time with that because i really wanted to be sure what i say about their issue and and i really studied they are
4:45 am
a judicial reform they want to make it they want to make procedures quicker they definitely made decisions about the highest score but i mean that they are and they are a government they are directed by the people so they have to govern the country to the satisfaction of the people and i don't see that they would have committed anything against the against the contracts of the european union we have european elections next year do you feel that perhaps the european parliament action could backfire given there are lots of populist nationalist parties around europe the potentially might support you i think that that european parliament election. we have a big stake i mean i i would say the biggest ever and it's going to take place next may a totally new type of commission and and i'm pretty sure that the new set up of european parliament will be established do you see some split in the european union or will parties like yours and governments like yours try to change europe from within what
4:46 am
i can tell you is that we take part in the debate about the future of the european union there are two concepts at least in the rivalry in the federalist tick over a mystic we see how we feel and we definitely take part havoline the debate with you represent our position central european countries have very similar kind of mindset in this regard pretty much common sense i think it's not without a good reason that the central europe in the region is now among the most successful regions of the european union if you look at the growth figures for example our average growth is twice as high as the european average overall so we tried to be a girlfriend to the to the. union and we see very all these debates and all but i think you know having a debate about the future of e.u. is a very democratic thing there are some that say if hungary was not a member of the you and it was applying now given the things that were in that
4:47 am
parliamentary report you wouldn't be sent to these sorts of the are members of your opinion i know but you would you accepted no you don't meet the criteria yeah we do be sure we do. it. for mr peters ianto thank you for it will be zero i appreciate thanks for the opportunity i . whether online or humanitarian to get out of there is going to hold you down. on a spreadsheet or if you joined us on sat i guarantee no one else has
4:48 am
a back story like yours this is a dialogue promise tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice resurfacing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell to join the global conversation on how does iraq i really feel liberated as a journalist while. getting to the truth as it always does with his job. and i'm maryam namazie in london a quick look at your top stories now techies president says he'll await the results of an investigation into the disappearance of a saudi channelised in istanbul government sources claim jamal khashoggi was mudded after visiting the saudi calls us in the city he'd written numerous articles criticizing saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon. that said for us to see such an
4:49 am
incident taking place in my country mr jamal is an old friend of mine that's why my expectation is still in good faith i wish we don't come up against a situation that we don't desire i do believe that the defenders of freedom and freedom of opinion in our country will follow this matter as president of turkey i will follow this closely and i will announce the results no matter was to the world meanwhile a delegation of saudi prosecutors have visited the consulate on sunday the saudi ambassador to turkey says the delegation is working with the turkish counterparts to investigate what happened to khashoggi and why it is the president of the ethical channel is a network he says if the reports are true it's a shocking attack not just on a distinguished journalist but on global press freedom. we're not talking about someone here who is a fringe or activist at all we're talking about someone who is well respected and therefore that in a way makes this action even more troubling and even more worrying and that's why
4:50 am
these reports have to be clarified we need to have a clear statement from the saudi authorities about the whereabouts of german how and an answer to these allegations which are now very clearly on the table from the turkish authorities about reports that he was tortured and murdered inside the embassy in istanbul government just such as in britain and the united states have a strong commercial and economic interest in good relations with saudi arabia this this incident if it's true if it's confirmed will will in my view put on the spot these governments because they will have to face down they did the saudi arabian government and i have to challenge them over what it would clearly be. a striking and terrible abuse of human rights this is not a moment for governments in settled democracies to remain silent in their own
4:51 am
economic interest this is a moment for them to stand up and clearly declare not just in defense of journalism but also in defense of democratic rights that this sort of behavior is intolerable and will not be accepted by the international community well in all the headlines voting is coming to a close in brazil where the fire i can't that jarrah bowl so narrow is poised to take the most votes in the first round of the election a tough on crime politician leads his main rival by fourteen points. well his main rival is the left wing candidate for now the head dad who was previously the mayor of south palo replace the former president we saw last year lula da silva as the workers' party candidate. interpol says it's received the resignation of its chief man hallway effective immediately mang had been reported missing by his family after he flew to china last month china says maine is under investigation for unspecified violations of the law new satellite imagery from indonesia reveals
4:52 am
the speed in the extent of the damage caused by last friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami the video released by the national disaster management agency shows liquefied soil sweeping away hundreds of homes in the a towboat neighborhood of poly. or polls of closed in both near and herzegovina marking the end of a divisive election campaign countries rule through a complex power sharing system involving three presidents split between the main three ethnicities of. the acts of croats early results are expected within hours and though she has also come to an end in cameroon where people are choosing the country's next president incumbent president paul bia is seeking a seventh term in office off to thirty six years in power the election is being overshadowed by a separatist uprising in english speaking parts of cameroon. the
4:53 am
headlines more news coming up a bit later on now it's lifelines. there are those who dream of possibilities of a world free of the ancient diseases that keep billions in poverty and for those who strive to make that dream a reality their quest is on the brink of victory. and
4:54 am
around and around a good deli. voted do is one of twenty two million people worldwide at risk of being blinded by truck or one of the oldest infectious diseases. but there's an end in sight for his painful tears ethiopia is part of a global drive to eliminate blinding takoma by twenty twenty.
4:55 am
year. ago and yet the new. the local. a lot of the travelling early. going to get each. but voters daughter amanda also has advanced in one eye if she loses her sight whole family will suffer that i had. but i think that. and that is.
4:56 am
the answer to this problem comes in the form of munter bush cub. she works for the ethiopian health department to prevent diseases like in this region. but are. they your with over the. there. is a bacterial disease of the eye that blinds around half a million people every year and ethiopia. is the most affected region in the most affected country in the world.
4:57 am
has bird in the theo p a since ancient times so health work amount to bush is up against a longstanding confusion between the symptoms and the causes of tacoma. and in the. but you seem to be you know it's a knot in the wood we don't not know a little bit. oh ah. people in ethiopia have accepted truck
4:58 am
home as they inescapable lot in life now the future looks different. enough this move almost in order to magnify in the eye and i remember i thought you would come out of a little with my time and effort of the. will not the way it went on middle. with him it was one. whatever it was wonder. if it was up out of my mind to blush she says every opportunity to convince villagers that it's an optics and that can be overcome the problem i'm not yet i know now i need to find it was the young guys like you're going to go what do do i
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